Peter Drucker’s work on innovation continues to withstand the test of time. Many people have written about various aspects of it, especially regarding his classic 1985 book Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Drucker himself wrote about innovation long before that, in such books as The Practice of Management (1954), Landmarks of Tomorrow (1959), Managing for Results (1964), and Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices (1974).

Here are 14 resources by and about Drucker on innovation. Each shows that he was ahead of his time on this crucial topic, and that his sophisticated, nuanced ideas on innovation are unlikely to lose their relevance any time soon:

Peter Drucker:

Peter F. Drucker/Forbes: Schumpeter and Keynes (article, May 23, 1983)

Peter F. Drucker/Harvard Business Review: The Discipline of Innovation (article, August 2002)

Peter F. Drucker: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 1985 book

Drucker Institute and The Drucker Archives:

Drucker Institute/Joseph Maciariello: Joe’s Journal: On Success and Creative Destruction

Drucker Institute: “The Innovative Organization,” lecture notes from Peter Drucker Claremont Graduate University course “Entrepreneurship in Business Enterprise”

Drucker Institute: The Drucker Prize (formerly the Peter F. Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation)

Drucker Institute: Drucker on Innovation Reading

The Drucker Archives: Innovation

Related Resources:

Leigh Buchanan/Inc.: The Wisdom of Peter Drucker from A to Z

Tom Butler-Bowdon/50 Prosperity Classics: Chapter on Drucker’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Elizabeth Edersheim/The Definitive Drucker: Innovation and Abandonment

John Hagel III/Harvard Business Review: How Drucker Thought About Complexity

Hoovers World/Gary Hoover: Peter Drucker on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Josh Kaufman/The Personal MBA: Review of Drucker’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship