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111 Years of Jorge Luis Borges

Yesterday marked the 111th anniversary of the birth of the author Jorge Luis Borges, who died in 1986. Penguin has been releasing a series of collections of his poetry, prose and fiction this year, such as On Mysticism, On Writing, On Argentina and The Sonnets.  For many years his work has been reissued in new forms, such as topically or in new translations; making it almost akin to the kind of rock album anthologizing and remixing treatments given to bands like The Rolling Stones. I was intrigued to see that The Borges Center has moved to The University of Pittsburgh.

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Management Secrets of Fairport Convention

Joshua Green’s article in The Atlantic, Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead, got considerable attention when it was published earlier this year. Last weekend’s Fairport Cropredy Convention, the long-running outdoor festival the British band produces each August, got me thinking that perhaps we should also consider the Management Secrets of Fairport Convention. Not that the latter has had anywhere near the business success of the Grateful Dead, but Fairport has many things in its favor. The band, which has been together in one form or another for more than 40 years, is as much a collection of concepts and ideas as a musical entity.…

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The Guardian Hay Festival in the Rear View Mirror

Last year I enjoyed blogging about my virtual experience of the Guardian Hay Festival. It has already taken place this year, but those of us who missed it in person can still enjoy it online. The Guardian still has lots of material – text, photos, audio and video – on its site for the event. The text offerings include a brief wrap-up piece, Best of the Hay Festival 2010. Hay is more than author readings. It’s also about book-buying, as driven home by the photo essay Used books, new books, looking for the perfect book … and the videos representing the Hay Festival Bookshop Challenge, including this one featuring Val McDermid.…

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The First-Time Author Experience, One Year On

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the publication of my book, Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life. It’s been a fast moving year as a first-time author, an experience I’m treasuring since you can only do it once. (I welcome eventually being a “second-time” author.) My big recent news is that Diamond, Drucker’s publisher in Japan, has bought Japanese translation rights. I’m looking forward to publication there, as well as to editions scheduled to be published in China, South Korea and Brazil. I’ve also been doing a number of author events throughout this first year.…

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