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Reflections After a Great Retreat

I returned a few days ago from the 2011 Berrett-Koehler Authors Cooperative Retreat, at the Stillheart Institute, located among the redwoods, not far from San Francisco. Last year, after attending the 2010 retreat, I wrote about the benefits knowledge workers can gain from similar events. Here are some further reflections after this year’s experience:

1. Conferences/conventions vs. retreats. I love conferences, and there are certainly similarities with retreats. But consider the difference in scale between a place like Stillheart (and the locations of the two previous retreats) and a typical large convention center, where you spend a considerable amount of time each day in transit.…

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Back to Blogging After a Whirlwind Summer

Living in more than one world can be demanding. One of the Peter Drucker-related life lessons I’ve applied is to revise my schedule of activities when new realities demand it. That’s why I am resuming writing my blog, after not blogging since late June.

It’s been a whirlwind summer. Shortly after my presentation at the SLA Annual Conference in Philadelphia came an intensive, six-week teaching semester for the course The Special Library/Information Center, at the Catholic University School of Library and Information Science. The students completed two major papers: a site visit at a Washington, D.C.-area special library, as well as a Virtual SLA project, in which they followed online, after the fact, and reported on the SLA Annual Conference.…

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