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Gratitude and Guest Posts

Today’s post has two aims: to point towards my two recent guest posts, and to thank the people who provided me the opportunities to write them.  The more recent is An Appreciation of the Life of My Father, Paul Rosenstein (1916-2011), on Santo (Sandy) Costa’s Humanity at Work blog. My dad died at 95 on August 5th, and I think Sandy’s blog is the perfect forum for me to celebrate the life of a man whose work ethic meant that he did not retire until he was 92. Sandy has written a terrific book, also called Humanity at Work, which shows him to be a wonderful example of the Living in More Than One World principle.…

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Dr. Robert Buckman (1948-2011)

I’m always on the alert to learn about people who live multidimensional lives. By all accounts, Dr. Robert Buckman fit that description perfectly. He was, among other things, an oncologist, professor, writer, broadcaster and humorist. Unfortunately, he died in his sleep on October 9 at 63, on an airplane returning from England (his country of birth) to Canada, where he lived for the last 25 years of his life. Since 1979, he coped with life-threatening illnesses and still managed a whirlwind schedule. From everything I’ve seen, he touched a lot of lives in person, in print, on television and through videos made with John Cleese, of Monty Python fame.

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The Drucker and McLuhan Worlds Come Together in Toronto

On October 13 I was privileged to give a presentation for the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management Getting it Done Expert Speakers Series. My topic, “How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Transform Your Life,” was based on my book, and fit in well with Professor Brendan Calder’s course for second year MBA students, GettingItDone®, which prominently features Drucker’s work. Brendan invited me to speak not just to the class, but to alumni and other members of the Toronto business and nonprofit communities. The great venue (the Fleck Atrium), the size of the audience and the sophisticated engagement demonstrated by their questions made this an event I’ll never forget.

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Rick Wartzman’s What Would Drucker Do Now?

Peter Drucker would have appreciated the tone of the essays that comprise Rick Wartzman’s What Would Drucker Do Now? Wartzman writes in the Drucker spirit: tough-minded yet positive and fair, with a dose of good humor. He has been writing “The Drucker Difference” biweekly column for Bloomberg BusinessWeek since 2007, when he became Executive Director of The Drucker Institute, at the time a new entity. (Drucker died at 95 in November, 2005.) This collection shows how Wartzman plays off on topics in the news; generally in business but also politics, technology and other subjects, and relates their relevance to Drucker’s work.…

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