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Authors Retreat: One Week Later

Every autumn since 2009, when Berrett-Koehler published my book Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life, I have attended the inspirational BK Authors Cooperative Retreat, which I blogged about in 2011 and 2010. Once again it was held in a lovely setting, the Trinity Conference Center (which unfortunately will be closing soon), located in West Cornwall, Ct.
As always, I learned a lot from both the dedicated writers and members of the BK publishing team. Surprises and revelations were around every corner, all four days. I loved when the entire group came together, but especially meaningful were the small group sessions, where people were unfailingly open, giving and humorous.…

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Become Your Own Genius Grant Fellow

October is award season. The first of the Nobel prizes are now being announced. And last week we learned of the new group of MacArthur Foundation fellows, who have been awarded what are popularly known as “Genius Grants”. I especially look forward to the MacArthur awards every year. The stories about the awardees and what they have studied and worked on provides a window into human accomplishment, originality and the art of possibility. They introduce us to highly accomplished people we might not have heard of otherwise, particularly if they are working in fields we don’t normally follow. The winners receive $500,000 payable over five years; no strings attached.

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