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William A. Cohen and The Practical Drucker

One of the most admirable aspects of the work of Peter Drucker is its timeless quality. It will be endlessly applied now and in the future to projects, issues and strategies inside and outside the business world. This role-up-your-sleeves component is the focus of a terrific book published late last year, The Practical Drucker: Applying the Wisdom of the World’s Greatest Management Thinker, by William A. Cohen. I wrote about Cohen and his previous Drucker-related book, Drucker on Marketing: Lessons from the World’s Most Influential Business Thinker, in 2012.

Cohen has now written four books based on Drucker, based on both his intense, decades-long study and application of  the master’s thought, and on a long personal friendship, going back to his days as Drucker’s first executive PhD student in the 1970s.

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New Book Demystifies Knowledge Management

Perhaps because it is a relatively young discipline, the concept of knowledge management has seemed somewhat hazy, confusing and ill-defined. Depending on who is talking about it, the term can take on multiple meanings, not all of them helpful or accurate.

That’s why we should welcome the new book Knowledge Management Practice in Organizations: The View from Inside, by Ulla de Stricker, and six co-authors, published by IGI Global. Ulla, president of Canada-based de Stricker Associates, is one of the best-known and most visible people in the knowledge/information world, particularly within special libraries. She wrote two chapters and the preface, and co-authored another chapter with Constance Ard, who also wrote about the book in a recent blog post.

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