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How to Love Your Job in 8 (Relatively) Easy Lessons

Workers of the world, meet Kerry Hannon, from now on known as your new best friend. Her latest book, Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness, (Wiley/AARP, 183 pages, $19.95) takes a solid and realistic approach to getting the most out of  your current job, rather than complaining, quitting (though she acknowledges that sometimes this is an appropriate option) or quietly dying a thousand deaths. Your dream job could be, with the right thought and effort, the one you already have.


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Each of the eight chapters deals with a particular aspect of learning to love your job, which she emphasizes is a systemic, holistic and ongoing process.

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Think, Learn, Do: A Year With Peter Drucker

There is an emphasis on the concept of a “calling” in the new book A Year With Peter Drucker: 52 Weeks of Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness. It’s clear that Joseph A. Maciariello was called to write it. The title is apt; reading the book really is like a virtual personal coaching experience (with both Drucker and Maciariello) and is meant to be taken seriously. It is rigorous and thorough.

Drucker School professor Maciariello was a longtime collaborator and friend of Drucker’s. Like the earlier book Drucker’s Lost Art of Management: Peter Drucker’s Timeless Vision For Building Effective Organizations, written with Karen E.

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