The Drucker Institute recently gave a new name for, and a new twist to the nonprofit innovation award it gives annually. What’s now called the Drucker Prize will still award $100,000 to the winning nonprofit organization, and the 2016 prize applications are now open. The new twist is a special learning platform that will be available to applicants. According to the Institute’s website, it “blends the timeless wisdom of Peter Drucker with the thinking of some of today’s brightest management minds.” The 2015 prize winner was Kids v Cancer.

Innovation Concept. Modern Line Style Illustration. Innovation Handwritten on Green Chalkboard with Doodle Icons Around. Doodle Design Style of Innovation Concept.

The Institute remains a rich source of knowledge about Peter Drucker, especially through the extensive holdings of the Drucker Archives. I wrote about the archives when the book Drucker: A Life in Pictures was published in 2013, and I studied these resources for both of my Drucker-related books.

The May-June 2016 edition of MONDAY* is the 11th for the multi-media, topic-driven segment of the site. Other innovations include consulting/training in the form of un/workshops for executives, and the Drucker playbook for the public sector. And you can learn more about the  visual rebranding efforts for the Institute by the company DISTINC_ at this case study.

Ten years ago, in May 2006, I was part of a group of people who met on the campus of the Drucker School, at the Claremont Graduate University to discuss Drucker’s legacy and how it could be extended, which ultimately led to the formation of the Institute. Today, all of the above-mentioned educational, prize-awarding, advising and branding factors reflect a look into how a modern institution balances honoring the work of one of the world’s greatest visionaries, while creating new paths for the future.