I’m grateful to Joe Murphy for conducting a video interview with me about my work on the future-oriented aspects of Peter Drucker, and for writing an insightful blog post about the interview. He also describes the relationship of Drucker’s work, and mine, about the future to his own work and study.


Many in the library/information world will be familiar with Joe, who writes often about libraries/librarians and the future, and has presented at many conferences worldwide. (Although we had been in contact online after his presentation at the 2011 SLA annual conference in Philadelphia, where I also presented, I first met him in person when he presented at the 2014 Computers in Libraries conference in D.C.)

Along with his already impressive career and educational background, Joe continues to further his formal education. In the post, he writes: “This interview formed part of a book club for fellow MS in Foresight students with the University of Houston and it overlapped and enriched my business management studies in an Executive MBA program through SFSU {San Francisco State University}.

The biggest takeaway from this book for me and from this interview was that Foresight and leadership complement each other and that the future is a management issue.”

With so much of today’s life and work now oriented around data, information and knowledge, Joe’s work and insights are applicable well beyond the library world. Thanks again to him for conducting the interview, and especially for sharing it with his fellow students and a wider audience.