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Create Your Future The Peter Drucker Way and Living in More Than One World

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Living in More
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To learn more about my work as a writer, and the experience of interviewing and writing about Peter Drucker, check out this brief author video





Since 1996, I've written a number of articles for USA TODAY and other publications related to Peter Drucker, as well as articles and reviews of many business and management books for USA TODAY. I've also written for such publications as Leader to Leader, Leadership Excellence, American Executive, GAMA International Journal, Information Outlook, ONLINE, Library Journal, News Library News and others. Click here for more information and links to my articles.


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  • @DruckerInst Thanks for sharing my #Drucker 'abandon yesterday' quote!
  • Peter #Drucker, 1999: “The first policy-and the foundation for all the others- is to abandon yesterday.” #success #management #quote
  • @_BKFoundation thanks for sharing my #Drucker ‘little ideas have...’ quote!
  • RT @Inc: It took Apple executive Angela Ahrendts 1 sentence to drop the best career advice you’ll hear today
  • RT @NextAvenue: The awards are meant to "call attention to the concrete and specific policies and practices that employers can use, and are…
  • @GreatLeadershp Thanks for including me!
  • @OnderKaraogLan And thanks also for sharing my Drucker ‘little seeds have...’ quote!
  • Peter #Drucker, 1964: “Little ideas have frequently been the seeds from which giant corporations have grown.” #quote #management
  • @OnderKaraogLan thanks for sharing my Drucker ‘practically no product...’ quote!
  • @Aurelkys thanks for sharing my Drucker ‘practically no product...’ quote, Aurelkys!

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