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Fast Company’s Most Creative in Business Lists: Compulsive Clicking

If you like lists as much as I do, you’ll be kept busy for a long time perusing the 100 Most Creative People in Business on It’s an intriguing mix of executives, designers, writers, directors, academics, artists, musicians and more. Although a number of names were familiar to me, many were not. The thumbnail descriptions are to-the-point and informative. Beyond a quick education about people who are doing cool, useful things at a high level, it provides many role models who demonstrate what’s possible by stretching our knowledge, imagination and abilities. When you see the list, you’ll recognize names, companies, products and services that have enriched your life in one way or the other.…

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The Economist, Education and Wendy Kopp

For an insightful British take on education in New York City and elsewhere, see Off to School, on The Economist’s education correspondent uses the occasion of chairing an education conference in New York City to also visit various schools there and in nearby Newark, NJ. There are some quotes from an interview with Wendy Kopp, the founder of Teach for America, and a visit with a TFA alum to speak to current TFA teachers at a Bronx middle school. In Jim Collins’ recent Inc. magazine interview, he called Kopp “my entrepreneur for this decade.” He continued, “Her organization is truly an entrepreneurial creation that is out to utterly transform education.…

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Jim Collins, Peter Drucker, and more for Entrepreneurs

Many of us will have to become more entrepreneurially-oriented as we move deeper into the 21st century. In that spirit, be sure to check out the April, 30th anniversary issue of Inc., especially for the highly informative interview with Jim Collins. Jim is well-known for his books Good to Great and Built to Last, and he wrote the forewords for Peter Drucker’s Management: Revised Edition and The Daily Drucker. He references Drucker in his interview, which is about the state of entrepreneurship, and especially the entrepreneur, in the past, present and future.

There are lots of other things worth reading in this issue and on the magazine’s website, including The Business Owner’s Bookshelf, a list of 30 books that should be helpful whether or not you own a business, or think of yourself as an entrepreneur.…

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