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The World in 2013, According to The Economist

The Economist has turned its yearly The World In… publication, now in its 27th year, into a brand, well beyond the print edition. There is an extensive website (which I wrote about last year), and a blog, Cassandra. On December 6th and 8th, there was The World in 2013 Festival in New York. Earlier this year came the book Megachange: The World in 2050, edited by Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor of The Economist and Editor of The World In

Although there are many predictions for the next 12 months, and what the effects of those events may be, to me the real value comes from well-organized thought and information about that time period by subject experts and high-profile practitioners from business, technology, the arts, politics, health care and other fields; putting into context information about what lies ahead.…

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Become Your Own Genius Grant Fellow

October is award season. The first of the Nobel prizes are now being announced. And last week we learned of the new group of MacArthur Foundation fellows, who have been awarded what are popularly known as “Genius Grants”. I especially look forward to the MacArthur awards every year. The stories about the awardees and what they have studied and worked on provides a window into human accomplishment, originality and the art of possibility. They introduce us to highly accomplished people we might not have heard of otherwise, particularly if they are working in fields we don’t normally follow. The winners receive $500,000 payable over five years; no strings attached.

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Looking for the Future in USA TODAY

When USA TODAY celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this month, it unveiled a major rebranding in print, and partially/eventually in its various digital formats. (I worked at USAT for 21 years, from 1987-2008. I was a librarian the entire time, and during the final 12 years, I also wrote about business and management books for the Money section.) A separate, 16 page section of the anniversary edition (enhanced by videos online) is USA TOMORROW: Leaders Foresee a Fascinating Future World, in which various “visionaries” are interviewed about where they see the world going in their various spheres thirty years from now, in 2042.

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The End of SLA 2011: The Future Starts Now

The SLA 2011 Annual Conference in Philadelphia has been over for two days. Now, for all of us who attended and participated, the hard work starts. The theme was “Future Ready,” and if you made the most of your time, you are better placed to face the future than you were a week ago.  My contribution was Creating Your Future the Peter Drucker Way, a Wednesday morning “Spotlight Session.” There was a sense of coming full circle: a number of people raised their hand when I asked how many had attended Drucker’s keynote at the SLA Annual Conference in Los Angeles in 2002.…

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