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Amy Krouse Rosenthal, George Watsky and Mieka Pauley at ALA

On July 11th, the day of my book signing at the American Library Association annual conference in Chicago, I met three highly interesting people who were also either signing or performing: Amy Krouse Rosenthal, George Watsky and Mieka Pauley. I had never met them before, and had not even heard of George or Mieka. When I found out that Amy would be at the Chronicle Books booth that morning, I knew that I wanted to meet her, as I had enjoyed her book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. I had a nice conversation with her after she finished a signing for one of her children’s books.

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Glastonbury For Those Who Can’t Be There

Most of us will not be able to attend Britain’s annual Glastonbury Festival, which starts Thursday. But we can live vicariously by checking out the festival’s extensive website, and the media coverage that’s already begun.  Today, The Independent has Elisa Bray’s The guide to Glastonbury. She notes that there will be 177,000 people and 300 bands, playing on 10 main stages and a dozen smaller ones. has a page with news, blogs, videos and weather updates. The full lineup on the festival’s site is pretty amazing; there will be so many choices that it seems like it would be hard to decide which artists to see and which ones you’d have to miss.…

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The Life Stories of Ry Cooder

In an earlier post, I wrote about Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe’s upcoming European tour, and about the standard of musical excellence maintained over many years by both musicians, as well as their ability to work outside of their comfort zones. I had interviewed and written extensively about Lowe in my music writing days, though I never interviewed or met Cooder. Now comes word from Cooder’s record label, Nonesuch, that he has a collection of fiction, Los Angeles Stories, that will be made available only on the tour. This follows a novella that came with his recent album I, Flathead.…

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The many worlds of Noah Levine

There can be fascinating results when two seemingly disparate worlds combine in the same person. A case in point is Kate Linthicum’s feature story in the Los Angeles Times, In the stillness, space for a rebellious spirit, about Noah Levine, who teaches Buddhist meditation infused with punk rock values. He’s the leader of the Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, and author of the 2003 book Dharma Punx. The latter is the name of the Society’s members, and there are meditation groups across the USA and Canada. Levine appears to be an intriguing embodiment of living in more than one world, as a psychologist (which, according to the article, is how he earns his living), teacher, organization leader, author and family man.…

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The Claremont Music Connection

Everything is connected. But one connection that took me a long time to make was between the lovely city of Claremont, California (Peter Drucker’s home and site of the Drucker School), and rock music. I have traveled to Claremont – which also contains a stretch of Route 66, not far from the Drucker School — a number of times since 2002 for research on my book. But it wasn’t until last year that I discovered how many great musicians come from Claremont.

Two members of one of my favorite ‘60s bands, Kaleidoscope, David Lindley and Chris Darrow, live there.…

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Workmanship counts: music division

I’m always interested in how people maintain doing excellent work over a period of many years, regardless of the type of work they do. As Peter Drucker has said, “Workmanship counts.” Two examples from the world of music are Ry Cooder and Nick Lowe, who will be touring together in Europe this summer. In my rock writing days — a long time ago — I interviewed Lowe several times and wrote a lot about him and his earlier band, Brinsley Schwarz. Both Cooder and Lowe are admirable for regularly leaving their comfort zones as musicians and songwriters. Among other things, Cooder has written a novella to accompany his latest album, I Flathead, and has worked in many musical worlds, including rock, world music and soundtracks.…

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