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Rob Jolles on Why People Don’t Believe You…And What You Can Do About It

In a world where more people are or will be participating in some form of the Gig Economy, it can seem like everyone is spending more time selling and marketing to everyone else. However, few are prepared for how to build consistent credibility and confidence, confront fear and dread, and believably present our ideas to others, whether individuals, groups, or audiences.

Enter Rob Jolles, a master-communicator who builds on his lengthy career in sales, sales training, professional speaking, and coaching in his newly-published, sixth book, Why People Don’t Believe You…Building Credibility from the Inside Out. He honors the fact that for most readers, time is precious and limited.

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Virtually Reliving Computers in Libraries 2018

One of the advantages of attending last month’s Computers in Libraries annual conference in Arlington, Va., is that you get to live it twice. First, in person, with all its benefits of session attendance and participation, networking, serendipitous encounters and stimulating conversations. And now online, via presentation slides for sessions I attended and others I would have liked to but could not. The organizers have also provided a complete list of speakers, with social media links.

This year’s theme was Digital Transformation: Next Gen Tools & Strategies for Community Impact. As with any conference, you can’t do everything, and there are always going to be time conflicts on various sessions.

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The Drucker Prize, and More Innovations from the Drucker Institute

The Drucker Institute recently gave a new name for, and a new twist to the nonprofit innovation award it gives annually. What’s now called the Drucker Prize will still award $100,000 to the winning nonprofit organization, and the 2016 prize applications are now open. The new twist is a special learning platform that will be available to applicants. According to the Institute’s website, it “blends the timeless wisdom of Peter Drucker with the thinking of some of today’s brightest management minds.” The 2015 prize winner was Kids v Cancer.

Innovation Concept. Modern Line Style Illustration. Innovation Handwritten on Green Chalkboard with Doodle Icons Around. Doodle Design Style of Innovation Concept.

The Institute remains a rich source of knowledge about Peter Drucker, especially through the extensive holdings of the Drucker Archives.

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Seven Days of Conferences and Workshops

I spent seven days, from last Sunday through Friday, at three different conferences and workshops, beginning with the American Independent Writers Annual Conference in Washington, D.C, on June 13, the 100th annual conference of the Special Libraries Association/SLA, also in D.C., June 14-17, and the Berrett-Koehler Authors Cooperative marketing workshop, hosted by ASTD, the American Society of Training & Development, in Alexandria, Va., on June 18-19. Berrett-Koehler is publishing my first book, Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life, in August. I had the opportunity to meet and learn from a number of my fellow B-K authors at the workshop.…

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ASTD Expo Wrapup

My second and final day at the ASTD International Conference & Exposition, in Washington, D.C. was a big success. I met more training and development professionals, and a number of people working for vendors/exhibitors who are attempting to sell products and services to this community.  I am including links to a handful of the companies and organizations of booths I visited. Since most people reading this will not have been at the conference, checking out their websites is the next best thing. WildWorks, a Dallas-based facilitation company, is featuring a new product, Drucker Unpacked, that gives organizations the capability to conduct self-facilitated workshops around Peter Drucker’s principles.…

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Ken Blanchard and More: ASTD Expo Part 2

Another brief post today, as I’ll return to the Expo hall of the ASTD International Conference & Exposition, in Washington, D.C. Monday was fun and informative. Besides visiting the booth of my publisher, Berrett-Koehler, I talked to a number of people from a variety of organizations, and learned a lot more about the world of training and development. A big highlight of the day was getting to meet the legendary Ken Blanchard – who publishes some of his books through B-K –at the booth of the Ken Blanchard Companies. Blanchard is known for co-authoring many books, especially the multi-million selling The One Minute Manager.…

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A Day of Learning at the ASTD Expo

A very brief post today, as I will be spending most of the day at the Expo hall of the ASTD International Conference & Exposition, in Washington, D.C. I’ll be there to learn more about the training and development field, especially because I believe people in this profession will be interested in my forthcoming book, Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life. The self-development and lifelong learning values in the book seem to fit nicely with the work they do. I’ll also be checking in at the booth of my publisher, Berrett-Koehler.…

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