As I noted in my previous post, I am writing a short series of progress reports/impressions of the first-time author experience for Living in More Than One World: How Peter Drucker’s Wisdom Can Inspire and Transform Your Life. You can only be a first-time author with a new book once in your life, and I want to make the most of it. Besides my first bookstore event last week at Reiter’s Books in Washington, I have made presentations in a variety of settings. I’ve already spoken three times for the Wharton Club of DC; twice in DC (including once for its Nonprofit Roundtable) and once at the City Club in suburban Virginia. I screened my 21 minute Drucker interview DVD at all these events, and will also be screening it on October 15, when I will do a presentation for the Wharton Club of Philadelphia. Speaking to these audiences is especially meaningful for me, as Drucker had a longstanding history with the Wharton School. I’ve also spoken at two Rotary International meetings in suburban Maryland, and have another scheduled for Washington. I haven’t screened the video at these talks. As with the Wharton events so far, Rotary has been a great audience with insightful questions. Reflecting my own different worlds, I also had a well-attended, exhilarating event in early September for DC/SLA, the local chapter of the Special Libraries Association. This had the highest percentage of friends/professional colleagues/former students in the audience. The video was well received, even by people who had seen it before! Libraries are also a crucial part of my event strategy. I had an enjoyable presentation last week at Arlington County, Va., Public Library. This held special significance as I began working on the book when I was living in Arlington, seven years ago. Next week will be the first of two dates for different locations of DC Public Library. More details are on the About page of my website. I’ll post again after I return from my publisher’s author retreat in California next week.